The mission of the Scott County Housing Council is to provide the resources for creating housing opportunities that promote economic and community development.

The Scott County Housing Council (SCHC) is charged with promoting the coordination of and building the capacity of housing development throughout Scott County (and eventually the Quad Cities) by: focusing funders’ resources, coordinating funding requests, marketing housing agencies to larger foundations and maximizing the housing dollars coming into the area. The SCHC serves as the resource development arm of the Quad Cities Housing Cluster.

The Quad Cities Housing Cluster (Cluster) is a consortium of bi-state not-for-profit and for-profit housing service providers and developers, lenders, funders, local governments and members of the housing industry. Cluster members work collaboratively to address the overall housing needs and opportunities of the Quad Cities’ communities. Such collaborative efforts are evident as the Cluster members:

  • share information about housing programs,
  • serve as an advocacy group in educating local communities and states on and about housing needs and activities,
  • serve as a conduit in developing strategies for coordinating and sharing resources that address housing needs and opportunities in the Quad Cities.

The communities of the Quad Cities benefit from the economic development that affordable housing provides. New and rehabbed homes expand a community’s tax base. An adequate supply of affordable housing can enhance a business’ decision to locate new jobs in the area. And finally, when a household pays less for the roof over their head they have more monies available to purchase the items we all want under that roof.

The SCHC is committed to its mission of assisting Cluster housing service providers and developers in providing Quad City households with safe, decent, affordable places to live and raise their families.